What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is introduced into the spa's water via a corona discharge unit installed in the 24 hour circulation line to kill microorganisms, destroy organics, and break down chloramines by oxidation.

Do I need it?

The purpose of ozone is to minimising the amount of chemicals needed to sanitise the water in the pool and in doing so reduce the running cost.

By having an ozone unit in your spa it helps to lower the dosage of the chemicals needed and this in turn can help people who have skin conditions or are sensitive to chlorine to still be able to enjoy the benefits of their spa pool.

What unit does Pacific Spas use?

Here at Pacific Spa's we fit the ever reliable Pacifica XL-80 to our spas. The XL-80 is the world's first all-in-one ozone venturi system and features a dual check valve configuration to prevent backflow to the unit.