Construction of Spa Pools

The winners of The Hits Hawke's Bay Survivor Park Island Spa Pool Edition won their very own Pacific Spa in August 2014.

They won a Pacific Spas Spa Pool in Caribbean Blue with all the bells and whistles.

Let's see how Pacific Spas manufactured that Spa right here in the Bay.

Fibreglassing the Shell

Here we are fibreglassing the shell getting it ready for the winners to enjoy!

Foaming Procedure

Here's a little sneak peak of what the foam insulating procedure looks like ....


Testing, one - two - three testing ..........

Nearly ready to go to its new home ........

Did you know that all of our Spa's are hydro tested for 48 hours to ensure quality and performance.


Congratulations to Roller Girl and Music Boy on winning the Survivor Park Island challenge!

Thanks to all the other teams that entered the competition and their supporters that came down and made it such a fun event.