Not all jets are created equal!

One of the key factors in a spa relaxation is the jets, so you might ask the question are all jets created equal?

The answer is no, not all jets are equal!

At Pacific Spas we only use the best jets sourced from an American supplier with 25 years of experience in manufacturing spa pool components. Our jets are a bearing less design which means smoother operation and no jamming of the rotating internals.

We offer two varieties of jet faces:

  • The tradition Scollop series with the white Typhoon jet body.
  • The all new Spectrum Halo series with the much improved LED ready 'PRO LOC' body which increases air flow by up to 46% over the older Typhoon bodies, they also have a much smoother operation due to the Viton o'ring seal when turning the jet face to adjust the flow.

The new Spectrum Halo series are available in the standard graphite centres or with our LED light upgrade kit which lights the jet internals and top side controllers up.

You might find when shopping for a spa that other retailers offer a stainless steel jet upgrade but here at Pacific Spa's we don't, that is because all of our spa's come standard with stainless steel jet faces already!

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