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Quality Spa Pools

We make spa pools of the highest quality.

Our spa pools are built to enjoy and built to last! From cedar cabinets to the dual assembly method used for reliability.

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Proudly Made in NZ

All our spa pools are proudly manufactured in Napier, New Zealand.

You are always welcome to visit the factory and we'll show you what "Made in NZ" really means!

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Customisable Spas

We build spas to suit you. Got special requirements? Think Pacific Spas.

We're the manufacturer, with Pacific Spas, you can actually have what you want!

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Pure Luxury

Rest your head on our soft head rests, set the multi-coloured LED lights to boost your mood, and then just relax and enjoy up to 53 stainless steel jets blasting away on you at the same time.

Feel the tension in your muscles loosen, the pores on your skin open, and the stress in your mind disappear.

This is the life you've worked for, and the luxury you deserve!

Pacific Spas pools provide pure luxury and ultimate relaxation.

Made in New Zealand

We thrive to honour the responsibility behind "Made in New Zealand" in every step of our manufacturing process.

Starting with the best quality materials, we use the dual assembly method to ensure reliability, and test our spas for 48 hours straight under stringent protocols before unleashing them to the public.

Take a look at how your next spa pool should be manufactured.

See How Your Spa Pool is Manufactured
One of our professionals is spraying the rotation moulded polyethylene shell of the spa pool.

The Perfect Spa For Everyone

Pacific Spas has Spas and Hot Tubs that are specially designed for individuals, couples, families, holiday homes, entertaining, and for you.

We offer a wide variety of jet systems, allowing you to customise your hydro-massage experience to best fit you and your family. You can also use our LED lighting features to personalise the mood to fit the day.

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A view of our factory's spa pool setup with a wide variety of spas.

Built To Last

We stand behind our spa pools and take pride in the quality we offer. We provide a 5 year limited warranty with our full service team standing behind our spas.

You are also welcome to visit the factory at 21 Wakefield Street, Onekawa or call us on (06) 843 2299.

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Relaxation Made Easy

Easy Installation

We offer free local delivery in Hawke's Bay.

Our experienced installation team can set up your spa pool in even the most difficult locations. Talk to us and you will be surprised where we can get them into!

Easy Operation

We want you to be as relaxed operating and maintaining your spa pool as you are using it.

That's why we conceal sophisticated technology with user-friendly controls and incorporate design features to make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Easy Care

Our spas come with hard lockable covers to shield your spa pool from the harsh outdoor elements.

We can also fit your spa with the world's first all-in-one Ozone Venturi System to kill microorganisms and keep your spa pool's water sparkly clean.

Your Dream Spa Pool

Best Quality Components

We combine top quality raw materials with state-of-the-art jet systems to bring you the best quality spa.

On top of the cedar cabinet and the galvanised steel framework, we source user-friendly controllers, proven American spa jets, powerful pool pumps, and upgradeable LED lighting.

We back our reputation for quality with a 5 or 7 year limited warranty on all our spa pools.

Fibreglassing and foam insulating procedure to a spa shell at our Pacific Spas factory.

Full Service Team

As the manufacturer, we have the advantage of knowing your spa pool from top to bottom.

Our comprehensive self-diagnostic codes should help you sort most problems. But feel free to contact us if you ever need more help.

Try Before You Buy

You're welcome to come and try out one of our demo spas in our test area.

We have the changing room, all you need is your spa wear and a towel!