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28 Sep 2020

Occasionally when the stars all align and we get a few orders all at once for a certain area we will do a run and deliver as we did here to Auckland the other week.

The boys started their way off up from Waiuku with the first one then headed their way to down town in the big smoke with the other two dropping one in Glendowie and the other off to Freemans Bay.

If your in Auckland and interested in one of our round hot tubs let us know and we might be able to combined another run in November.

17 Aug 2020

Sometimes we just can’t reach with our little crane so thanks to JRP Ltd for lifting in one of our hottubs this afternoon for our now very happy customer.

7 Aug 2020

We quite often get asked for the water depth in our round Hot Tub and if it has seats so here's a sectioned drawing we've done with what the internal shell looks like.

6 Jul 2020

Another Hot Tub going in, no additional costs on top with us having our own crane for installs.

10 Jun 2020

Here’s a short video of our round Hot Tub running.

8 Jun 2020

Here’s how we make the plugs for the spa moulds, the CAD designed shape is CNC cut from tooling foam then a fiberglass mould is taken off that which we then use to form the acrylic shell to the spa shape with. This one is the replacement for our aging Maui mould which will have several improvements over the retired one.

When we say we make them in New Zealand we mean right down to the moulds.

28 May 2020

Another one of our talented DIY customers sent us this photo of the structure he built to house his new Hot Tub, in keeping with the early 1901 built house beside it he has keep it all era correct to fit in nicely.

19 May 2020

One of our customers sent us these photos of the make over of his back yard with one of our Caledonia spas, Thanks Martin for the photos!

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