Spa Customisation

You Can Have The Spa You Want

Do you have specific needs in a spa?
We are the manufacturer.
We can build a spa to suit you!

All you need is to ask!

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Custom Built Spas

For the “Grandparents”

These grandparents wanted to enjoy a nice spa with their grandchildren.

So we custom built this spa with a few extra jets, to accommodate the customer's grandchildren who required a shallower part to sit in.

For the “Holiday Home”

There is no point arriving ready to relax at your holiday home to a cold spa pool. With a smart WiFi enabled controller, you can turn it on and pre-heat it ready for your arrival.

This hot tub was made for a customer in Ohakune. The customer wanted the ability to control the tubs temperature and filtering modes from Auckland. So we opted for a SpaNet controller with Smart Link WiFi control added to the package to do the job.

Out team get to see some stunning scenery while out and about delivering like the top of the Gentle Annie in the Kaweka’s on their way across to Ohakune.

For the “Custom Style”

This customer wanted a specific look for their new spa. So we wrapped this Caledonia in Baby Iron.

That is the difference when you buy from the guys that build them. You can have what you want!