Pacific Spas


8 Apr 2019

Our first twin spa is getting nearer to rolling out the door.

17 Dec 2018

Recent delivery of a Maui in “tranquility black”.

3 Dec 2018

Nice tight squeeze last week getting this Caledonia into it’s new home.

4 Jul 2018

Here’s a sneak preview of the Classique Plastics Ltd CNC router cutting the mould for our new twin person spa.

26 Jun 2018

Here’s why it’s important not to be too causal with chemicals and end up over dosing your spa with chlorine, this pump only made 23 months and is a write off due to excessive chlorine being added to the spa.

We recommend regular water testing to avoid costly damages like this which are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

8 Jun 2018

We’re just reminiscing about warmer times like when we installed this Caledonia back in summer...

24 May 2018

Here’s a Maui we installed earlier this year, we still have a few sheets of this popular Latte colour left and currently have one Maui being manufactured in it.

24 May 2018

Another Caledonia delivered this afternoon, fairly tight squeeze to get it around and into position but as always our team got the job done 👍