Pacific Spas


11 Sep 2017

**** All Tickets have been won now sorry****
Who would like two tickets to the Home and Garden Show this weekend?

I have 20 tickets (ten pairs) to give a way just tag a friend and tell them you're off to the home show with them compliments of pacific spas to win tickets to the show.

Winners must be able to pick their tickets up from our office.

5 Sep 2017

Another Caledonia in Storm Clouds delivered to Clifton.

5 Sep 2017

Remember always be good to your neighbours because you never know when you'll need to borrow their driveway for your spa delivery!

Maui in Tranquility black.

30 Aug 2017

Caledonia wrapped in Baby Iron, that's the difference when you buy from the guys that build them you can have what you want !

9 Aug 2017

More spa shells in production, Maui's, Caledonia's, Hawaii's and a few solo's as well.

2 Aug 2017

A recent install of one of our Hawaii's in the last of the Caribbean blue colour.

2 Aug 2017

This Maui's just been finished and could be yours, drop in and see us!

11 May 2017

Our spas look so inviting even the staff want to dive in!